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Private language School
Conversation course
English - French - Spanish


Language courses for K-12 students

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Courses in small groups (4-6 children) French, English, Spanish.

Learning made fun ! Theory; activities; vocabulary; songs; sentence structures; games. Our programs are focused on oral communication, and bring help your kids get ahead! 30% theory, 70% practice. New groups every month.

Semi-private courses (2-3 children) French, English, Spanish.

Allow your kids to reach their full potential ! For more attention and better focus, courses in small groups of 2-3 students. 30% theory, 70% practice. Courses offered on the weekend or during the week. New groups all the time!

Private courses– All languages

For specific challenges, and personalized attention. Give your child the best they can get. Flexible programs and schedules.

ALSO (NEW !) :

Intensive summer camp (4-6 children) French, English

A day camp adventure for all! Two weeks of language activities around a general theme : space exploration, marine life, geography and travel. Discovery activities and creation of a book, in the company of our qualified and professional teachers. – To discover the world in a new language! – Open to all ages and all levels.

Summer immersion programs French, English, Spanish.

Immersion programs abroad for teenagers 14-17 years old. Registration between January 1st and May 30th. Programs available in France, UK, Latin America, Canada and elsewhere. Contact us for more information. Our programs are accredited with the Quebec Ministry of Education. Next departure: summer 2003.


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