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TOEFL preparation and University Preparation courses


The acronym TOEFL means « Test Of English as a Foreign Language ». This test is mandatory for all students who wish to enroll in a North-American English-language university, but who have a different native language. The test includes a section on writing, a section on grammar, and a listening comprehension section. Successfully passing the TOEFL test is a mandatory requirement in all English-language universities.

Excelangue can help you prepare for the TOEFL test, by using approved TOEFL preparation materials, while supervising your progress on the more difficult sections.

Moreover, Excelangue can help you get a head start in your university studies, with its unique University Preparation course. The University Preparation course is designed to help students get better grades by learning the best ways to study, prepare exams, conduct top-grade reasearch and write essays. It also covers time-management, to prepare students to the overwhelming demands of academic life.


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